Outstanding Volunteers in Hertford County Are Recognized

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Murfreesboro Community Hunger Ministry group

Murfreesboro Community Hunger Ministry group

In Murfreesboro, on the first Tuesday of each month a group of area citizens arrive and begin the preparation and distribution to serve others. This group is known as the Murfreesboro Community Hunger Ministry. You can find this group packaging and distributing items such as bread, meat, vegetables and other items the Albemarle Food Bank may have to offer local citizens on that first Tuesday of each month. This preparation and distribution usually takes approximately four hours that day and this task is completed rain, sleet, snow or shine thanks to the wonderful volunteers.

This ministry provides several days worth of groceries for needy citizens of Hertford County that fill in the gaps left from governmental cuts or could be just be a helping hand to get someone through the month for other reasons. For whatever the reason may be this ministry is there to help.

On an average this group feeds approximately 135 families with the aid of approximately 55 volunteers. During the distribution process volunteers register guests, prepares the area for food distribution, un-loads the delivery truck, packages produce or other goods for distribution. The team then directs guests in their vehicles around the parking lot. There they are met by other volunteers with baskets of items that are then placed in each vehicle for each family.

What do the volunteers receive from this? They receive the ultimate satisfaction of helping each other. This is something more than tangible assistance to the community, this ministry is the one place where people of all races, church people, non-church people, students, and retirees all come together, effectively and efficiently to help make Hertford County a better, stronger, healthier community, as well as showing others that coming together can and does make a difference in our community and in our world.

Groups or organizations that assist in making this ministry a success are:  Murfreesboro First Baptist, Meherrin Baptist, Buckhorn Baptist, Murfreesboro United Methodist, Roberts Chapel, Ahoskie Church of Christ, Willow Oak AME, Dept. of Social Services, Chowan University, Methodist Group Home, Boy Scout 125, Cooperative Extension, Rotary Club, and the Roanoke-Chowan Community Health Center.

The Governor’s Volunteer Service Award honors people who have shown concern and compassion for their neighbors by making a significant contribution to their community through volunteer service. The award was created in the Office of the Governor in 1979.

This year the Murfreesboro Community Huger Ministry was recognized and received the Hertford County 2014 Governor’s Volunteer Service Award for their service to the community.

Rebecca Castello, Hertford County Cooperative Extension Administrative Assistant presents Peggy Lowe with Murfreesboro Community Hunger Ministry a certificate and pin from NC Governor Pat McCroy as the Hertford County recipient of the Governor's Volunteer Award for 2014.

Rebecca Castello, Hertford County Cooperative Extension Administrative Assistant presents Peggy Lowe with Murfreesboro Community Hunger Ministry a certificate and pin from NC Governor, Pat McCrory  recognizing this group as the Hertford County recipient of the Governor’s Volunteer Award for 2014.

Mrs. Peggy Lowe, Murfreesboro Baptist Church received the certificate and pin on behalf of the ministry. Mrs. Lowe was instrumental in getting this project started and continues her leadership role every first Tuesday of the month. You will see her out there with her clipboard and pen ready to take down names and assign jobs to ensure that the mission at hand is completed.