Fun Family Ideas for a Great Fall Season

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The fall season brings about many opportunities for family fun. Take advantage of the cooler air and lower humidity and get outside and get moving with your family. Prepare some fall recipes and enjoy some fall science projects such as why do leaves change color?, and does a pumpkin float or sink?. These are just a couple of fun science experiments you can do around the fall season.

Not up for science why not just take a nice fall walk with your family. Turn off the television, computer, and put down the cell phone and take advantage of the cooler air. Grab the whole family for an after dinner walk. You will be getting in physical activity but most of all you will be talking with your family and making memories to last a life time. Feeling a little more adventurous, set up a friendly neighborhood football game. Who knows this may just turn into a tradition.

After all the science and physical activity don’t forget to try some fall recipes. Here is one for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.