USDA Requesting PPE Information

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The USDA is asking all producers in the agricultural field to fill out a spreadsheet regarding the required PPE needed to carry out normal operations for the next 30 days. This information will be crucial so that you can continue to access the needed PPE for all on-farm uses during this time of PPE scarcity and should be filled out ASAP.

There is an attached excel file that you can fill out and send to with the subject line “(Name of Farm or Nursery) PPE/Sanitization Needs” or if you have difficulty filling out the spread sheet you can email your information to including:

  • Type of respirators used (N95, half face, full face)
  • Type of filters/cartridges used (particulate filter (P100), P100/organic vapor, P100/acid gas (fumigants)
  • Number of respirators needed for the year
  • Number of filters or combination cartridges needed for the year (by type)

Remember that N95’s and P100 filter or combination cartridges are only good for 8 hours cumulative use so that should be figured in. For example, if someone knows they will be spraying for 24 hours, then that would be 3 sets of cartridges or 3 N95 respirators depending on the pesticide.

Excel sheet to be downloaded: PPE Sanitation Needs USDA Request

If you have any questions please email me at