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Soil Sampling 101

Soil sampling is key to the development of a fertility management program. Soil testing allows growers to identify problem …

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On-Line Newsletter From Hort Science

The NCSU Department of Horticultural Science has launched a quarterly on-line Newsletter Subscribe to see great horticulture images, learn about faculty and …

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Turn yard waste, kitchen scraps, and other organic matter into a wonderful soil amendment or mulch. Composting Portal Composting Chapter of …

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Earthworms convert organic matter (including food scraps, paper, animal manure, and yard trimmings) into a valuable soil amendment and …

Recent Publications related to Soil, Water & Air

The Calibration of Turfgrass Boom Sprayers and Spreaders

Proper application of pesticides and fertilizers is possible only with a sprayer or spreader that …

5 hours ago

Soil and Plant Analysis for Christmas Trees

Nutrient analysis of soil and plant tissue should be an integral part of any tree …

5 hours agoSoilFacts

Soil and Plant Analysis for Apple Trees

Nutrient analysis of soil and plant tissue should be an integral part of any tree …

5 hours agoSoilFacts
Photo of crop residue.

Conservation Tillage Use in Peanut Production

Peanut growers in North Carolina can successfully use conservation tillage if they carefully plan the …

6 hours agoSoilFacts

Delineating Agriculture in the Neuse River Basin

In 2000 an agricultural survey of the Neuse River Basin was undertaken to obtain data …

2 days ago
A sample waste report predicting nutrient availability

Swine Manure as a Fertilizer Source

This factsheet explains the three factors of proper swine manure management: the nutrient content of …

5 days agoSoilFacts

Accounting Method for Tracking Relative Changes in Agricultural Phosphorus Loading to the Tar-Pamlico River

The Tar-Pamlico Agricultural Rule requires the development of a methodology that accounts for phosphorus losses …

2 weeks ago

The North Carolina Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool (PLAT): A Guide for Technical Specialists

Phosphorus management is an important aspect of the USDA-NCRS nutrient management standard. Anyone applying animal …

2 weeks agoSoilFacts