DO NOT Plant Foreign Seed Packets

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ATTN: DO NOT PLANT ANY UNSOLICITED FOREIGN SEEDS THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE. DO NOT open the packet if you do not have to. Please hold onto all contents of the package- seeds, label, packaging, etc.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) has been contacted by multiple North Carolina residents who have received foreign packages of seeds that they did not order. Planting these seeds could possibly introduce invasive species or diseases in our environment. This shipment of international plant material is unlawful and NCDA&CS asks anyone who has received one of these unsolicited foreign shipments to save the contents along with the shipping labels and contact the Plant Industry Division toll-free at 800-206-9333 or email at
When emailing please include your: 
PICTURE OF CONTENTS IF YOU OPEN PACKAGE (It is suggested that you DO NOT open the package)
After sending an email, preserve the package and contents by placing in a zip-lock bag and awaiting a response from the NCDA&CS.
For more information see the NCDA&CS News Release regarding the situation.