Farm-City Week: November 16-20!

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November is the especially perfect time to recognize everything that we’re thankful for in life. Whether this is our job, family, friends, having food, a home, clothing, etc. many of the things we’re thankful for are tied back to agriculture. The week of November 16–20, 2020, Hertford County will be celebrating Farm-City Week!

Farm-City Week will focus on highlighting the connection between agriculture and the goods we get to enjoy from this important industry!

In North Carolina alone, agriculture/agribusiness employs more than 685,000 people and is the leading industry in the state valued at $84 billion, contributing 1/6th of the state’s income and employees.

During this coming week, we’ll be posting interesting facts about Hertford County agriculture and videos from some people that are very thankful for North Carolina Agriculture!

Monday 11/16: 

Video From Shawn Harding, President of N.C. Farm Bureau.

Hertford County Ag Facts: 

  • There are 126 Farms in Hertford County, with a total of 80,902 acres.
  • The average farm size in the county is 642 acres.
  • The total value of Hertford County Ag products sold is $139,316,000.

Tuesday 11/17:

Video from Jolene Brown, Professional Speaker, Family Business Consultant, Author

Hertford County Ag Facts: 

  • There are 43 animal farms in Hertford County.
  • The total value of the animal products produced in Hertford County equals over $93.5 million.
  • There is 1 agritourism farm/venue in the county and 3 farms that sell “direct to consumer”.

Wednesday 11/18:

Video from N.C. State CALS Dean, Richard Linton, and N.C. State Extension Director, Rich Bonanno, The Dynamic Future of our Pack

Hertford County Ag Facts: 

  • There are 50 female producers and 151 male producers in Hertford County.
  • There are over 60 new and beginning farmers!
  • There are 24 producers in the county with military service.

Thursday 11/19: 

Video from N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler, The Power and Resilience of North Carolina Agriculture

Hertford County Ag Facts: 

  • Hertford County agriculture is very diverse as there are many different crops produced including: grains, oilseeds, beans, peas, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, melons, potatoes; along with livestock raised.
  • The total value of the crops produced in the county including nursery and greenhouse crops is more than $45.8 million.
  • There are 61 crop farms in the county including nurseries, and greenhouses; along with 4 fruit, nut, and berry farms and 12 vegetable, melon and potato farms.

Friday 11/20:

Video from a Farm to School to Healthcare Intern, Keishara Smith, explaining why agriculture is important to her!

North Carolina Ag Facts: 

  • North Carolina has over 46,000 farms that raise over 80 different commodities.
  • There are 8.4 million acres in the state that are used for agricultural production.
  • The average farm size is 182 acres.
  • The total value from the sale of agricultural products is over $12.9 billion.
    • $9.1 billion of this results from animal products, and a little over $3.7 billion of this is total crop sales.